Personalized Jack-o-Lantern T-shirts using Silhouette Cameo

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Hi friends and faithful readers!  I hope it’s not too early to share with you a Halloween idea I have but since I’ve seen Christmas stuff out in the craft stores, I figured it was ok.  Besides, at the rate I share posts, you probably won’t see another post from me until Halloween.  If you like what I share on WordPress, please be sure to follow me on these other media sites.  I’m there much more regularly: S.L.U.M.

Back to these shirts.

I had the idea for these  a while back.  Yes, I was thinking about Halloween back in July…tinkered around on how to create them, reached out to my social community, and then figured it all out and…

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So, to create these, I started with my Silhouette Cameo, which I finally was able to purchase this year after parting with my Cricut machine.  If you see my posts on Facebook, you’ll notice I’ve kinda been obsessed with my Cameo since I’ve gotten it.  It is amazing.

I began by drawing a circle on my drawing mat and cutting it in half.

I then chose the font (this one is Impact) and inserted the name, here Arianna.  I deselected each letter and expanded them so that each letter slightly overlapped the semi-circle.

Next, I selected everything, Modify, and Subtract All.  I then moved the letters away from the semi-circle and that left the “imprint” of the letters within the semi-circle, creating the jack-o-lantern mouth.

To create a t-shirt, I then had to Flip the lettering before cutting it on Heat Transfer Vinyl.

I also used the same idea to create a personalized tumbler.

DSC00194 1

And for the eyes, I chose a pair from the Silhouette files.

PM me on Facebook if you have any questions about this post.  Hope you enjoyed it & be sure to keep an eye out on Facebook for my regular updates!

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Yesterday’s Farmer’s Market

This summer I have set up a table at our neighborhood farmers market.

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For me, the easy part is creating crafts and displaying my items.  The challenge, which I acknowledge, is for me to crawl out of my inner shell and become more outgoing and engaging with the community.  Luckily, we are so fortunate to live in an area with so many wonderful families that meeting new people and making new friends is pretty easy.

DSC00133 1

Here are a few pictures of my set-up from yesterday’s farmers market as some of you have requested to see.  It is still a work in progress that changes weekly but I am enjoying the learning experience of it all .  It has been invaluable to meet our neighbors and build new relationships where we live.

DSC00132 1

DSC00131 1

DSC00129 1

DSC00128 1

DSC00126 1

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Our Crafty Road Trip

Thanks to a few new followers on both WordPress and Facebook, and to my loyal & ever so patient followers-of-old, you’ve inspired me to finally put up a new post!  Please wait momentarily as I give myself kudos and a pat on the back :)

Now that I’ve composed myself,I want to tell you about a little treasure trove we were able to finally discover over the weekend.

DSC00103 2

The girls & I had trekked to Hagerstown a few months ago only to find out the outlet was closed for the Easter weekend.  So we decided to try again this weekend and I am so glad we did.  If you are up for a road trip, this one is well worth it.

DSC00101 1

If you are crafty, or thrifty, or crafty and thrifty, this outlet is worth exploring.

We were able to purchase a plastic grocery bag full of gift bows (that the girls selected)

DSC00105 1

for FIFTY CENTS!  50 cents!!

Ten packs of stickers

DSC00104 1

for TEN CENTS each!

Our total cost on this first trip was under twenty dollars.  Even under fifteen!  I’d like to tell you all the details but I’d rather intrigue you just a bit more so perhaps you’ll check this place out yourself.

DSC00103 1

DSC00109 1

DSC00107 1

DSC00108 1

DSC00106 1

We left the outlet with seventeen rolls of ribbon, ten packs of stickers, and a bag of gift bows.

You can find the outlet on Facebook also at Berwick Offray Ribbon Outlet.  I would check their hours so you don’t explore the back roads and single lane bridges of Hagerstown like we did just to find out the store is closed.  But if you choose to go, and the store is open, I think you will be pleasantly and frugally surprised.

Now, please excuse me.  I’m going to go check Pinterest for ideas for these bows.

Decorate for Valentine’s Day for FREE

PicMonkey Collage 28 1

I’ve finished my valentine’s Day Zero Dollar Budget Challenge.  I stayed true to my original challenge and spent zip, zilch, na-da!  Hoping one of these creations may have made you look at some of the items around your home in a different way without ever needing to look at your wallet.

DSCN3257 1

Love Blooms Here

DSCN3274 1

Valentine’s Day Wreath

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Pucker Up

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This is my favorite craft we have done so far on this Zero Dollar Budget Challenge for Valentine’s Day.  Why?  Basically because it involves my girls, me, and lipstick!!!

DSCN3304 1

When I mentioned doing a craft with the girls and told them we’re going to put on mommy’s lipstick, yeah, you can kind of imagine the insanity that broke out.  More on that in a minute.

DSCN3301 1

So we have this lovely picture frame in our storage closet, just sitting there.  Really is quite lovely, isn’t it?  It’s just not up in our home right now.  Could be one day, like tomorrow the way I change things around, but right now it’s just sitting there in storage, the Candle Closet as we like to call it.

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Valentine’s Day Lovely Words Picture Frames

PicMonkey Collage 14

I’m a bit surprised and a teeny bit proud of myself for creating these various crafts for Valentine’s Day without spending a cent.  Almost makes me want to go out and buy Valentine’s Clearance on the 15th ;)

So today I came up with decorating these blah wooden frames that were in our candle/craft closet, most likely a potential project from years past that never came to fruition.

From a plain ol’ wooden frame…

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Valentine’s Day Love Story Countdown

Now that February is here (already!!??!), I’m eager to share with you our Valentine’s Day Love Story Countdown.  Our family enjoyed our Holiday Heritage Advent Countdown and this uses the same basic premise.

DSCN3372 1


I’m still challenging myself to not spend a cent for Valentine’s Day so, once again, I shopped the candle closet.  Using basic card stock, mini clothes pins, and ribbon, each day celebrates the history of Valentine’s Day or shares the love story of close family members.

DSCN3373 1

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Monthly Photograph Challenge

It’s February 1st!!  That means it’s time for our family to gather and take a family picture for my One Photo a Month 2013 Challenge.  I know, I know.  Yes, another challenge I’m giving myself, and you my readers.  But life’s full of challenges, isn’t it?  And compared to other things I’ve been challenged with, this is more like a laughable moment and not a challenge at all.

PicMonkey Collage 6

So please join me and pick up your camera and take a photo of something, anything! You can even make up for January if you need to.  I won’t tell.

As much as I’d love to show you last month’s picture, that’s got to  remain in the secret vault for a few months before the big reveal.  Go capture the moment and take a picture. You won’t regret it!